pratyanantara प्रत्यनन्तर

Definition: a. being in the immediate neighbourhood of (g.); next in rank; m. next of kin, heir presumptive: -m, ad. immediately after (ab.); î-bhû, betake oneself close to (g.); -½anîka, a.(having one's face against), hostile, opposing (g.); prejudic ing, injuring; opposite; *rivalling; m. op ponent, enemy; n. hostile army; hostility, rivalry (sg. & pl.); retaliatory revilement of an enemy's following: -bhâva, m.condition of being the opposite; -½anumâna, n. counter or opposite inference; -½anuyoga, m. counter question; -½anta, m. boundary: pl. barbar ous tribes: -desa, m. frontier country; -½an tarî-bhû, betake oneself close to any one (*g.); -½antât, ad. to the end in each case; -½antika, a. situated on the frontier.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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