pratiyogin प्रतियोगिन्

Definition: प्रतियोगिन् a. 1 Opposing, counteracting, impeding. -2 Related or corresponding to, being or forming a counter-part of (anything); often used in works on Nyāya; as a घट is the प्रतियोगी of घटाभाव; (यस्याभावो विवक्ष्यते स प्रतियोगी). -3 Co-operating with. -4 Equally matched. -m. 1 An adversary, opponent, enemy; आर्थो विरोधः शक्तेन जातो नः प्रतियोगिना Mv.2.7; दहत्यशेषं प्रतियोगि- गर्वम् Vikr.1.117. -2 A counter-part, match. -3 A partner, an associate, -4 An object dependent upon another. -5 A counter-part, counter-entity; प्रतियोगि- ज्ञानाधीनज्ञानविषयत्वमभावलक्षणम्.प्रतियोगिता pratiyōgitā त्वम् tvamप्रतियोगिता त्वम् 1 Opposition. -2 Dependent existence. -3 Being a counter-part. -4 Partnership, co-operation.

Dictionary: Apte
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