pratibaddha प्रतिबद्ध

Definition: प्रतिबद्ध p. p. 1 Bound, fastened to; वनाय पीत- प्रतिबद्धवत्सां यशोधनो धेनुमृषेर्मुमोच R.2.1. -2 Connected with, harmonizing with; रसान्तरेषु प्रतिबद्धरागम् Ku.7.91. -3 Hindered, obstructed, impeded. -4 Set, inlaid; यस्याः पुरा परिचयप्रतिबद्धबीजम् Māl.1.21. -5 Furnished with, possessing. -6 Entangled, involved. -7 Kept at a distance. -8 Disappointed. -9 Fixed, directed. -1 Attached or hanging to. -11 Excluded, out off. -12 (In phil.) Invariably and inseparably connected and implied (as fire in smoke). -13 Wreathed (as a garland); सखि एकपार्श्वविषमप्रतिबद्धा खल्वेषा रचना Māl.2.

Dictionary: Apte
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