pratibaddha प्रतिबद्ध

Definition: pp. connected: -tâ, f. connexion with (--°ree;); -banddhri, m. hinderer, obstructor: -tâ, f. obstruction; -bandha, m. connexion; investment, siege; hindrance, impediment; stoppage, suspension; logical impediment, obstructive argument; support: in. by employing all kinds of obstacles: -ka, a. (ikâ) hindering, obstructing, -vat, a. beset with obstacles; -bandhi-kalpanâ, f. assump tion liable to alegitimate contradiction; -bandhin, a. liable to be impeded or checked; --°ree;, impeding, obstructing; -bandhi-tâ, f. state of checking, obstruction; -bala, 1. n. hostile army; 2. a. having equal strength, being a match for (g.), equally strong in (--°ree;); capable of, adequate to (inf. or d. of vbl. n.); m. well-matched adversary; -bâdhaka, a. repelling (--°ree;); -bâdhana, n. warding off, re pulsion (of, g.; ac.1); -bâhu, m. fore-arm.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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