prati प्रति

Definition: ad. with verbs and °ree;-- with nouns, against, counter; back, in return; with nouns also=every; prp. 1. with (usually preceding) ac. against, towards, to, upon, in the direction of; before, in the presence or the eyes of; about, near, on, in, at; at the time of, about; through, for (of time); from (protect); compared with; in favour of, for; concerning, in regard to, on account of, through; for, as (with predicative ac., e. g. take for, regard as); according to, by; in or at every; 2. with ab. at the time of, about (only RV.); 3. with g. concerning, with regard to; °ree;-in ad. cpds. towards; at the time of, about; according to; in or at every;âtmânam prati, to oneself (speak); kiram --, for a long time; bhrisam --, repeatedly; mâm --, in my opinion, to my mind; varsham --, every year; na bubhukshitam prati bhâti kim kit, to a hungry man nothing is of any ac count; mâm prati aranyavat pratibhâti, to me seems like a (lonely) forest.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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