pratardana प्रतर्दन

Definition: Is the name in the Kāthaka Samhitā of a king who had a Bharadvāja for his Purohita. In the Kauṣītaki Brāhmana he appears as arriving at the sacrifice of the Rṣis in the Naimiṣa forest, and asking them how errors in the sacrifice, could be remedied; and as finding Alīkayu Vācaspata, the Brahman priest at the sacrifice, unable to say what was to be done. In the Kauṣītaki Upanisad3 it is said that Pratardana Daivodāsi went to Indra’s world through his death in battle. The patronymic connects him with Divodāsa, the ancestor or father of Sudās, and the mention of Bharadvāja (probably a Bharadvāja is meant) as his priest supports the patronymic, for Divodāsa is a special favourite of the singers of the Bharadvāja family. The name, moreover, is reminiscent of the Tṛtsus (the root tard appears in both) and of the Pratrdah. (see Pratpd). But he is not in Vedic literature a king of Kāśi. Geldner regards him as Divodāsa's son, but this is not likely. Cf Prātardani.

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