prastha प्रस्थ

Definition: m. n. [standing forth, promi nent], table-land on a mountain, plateau; level expanse, plain; a measure of capacity (=32 Palas); -sthâna, n. setting out, march ing forth, proceeding, departure; advent; de spatch (of wares), journey to the next world; religious mendicancy; way of thinking, method, system, sect; kind of inferior drama: -dundubhi, m. drum giving the sig nal for marching; -sthânîya, a. relating to departure; -sthâpana, n. sending away, de spatching, dismissing; giving currency to (an expression); -sthâpita, cs. pp. (√ sthâ) sent away, despatched; -sthâpya, cs. fp. to be sent away or dismissed; -sthâyin, a.setting out, departing; -sthita, pp. (√ sthâ) set out, departed; marched forth; gone on a journey; n. departure: -yâgyâ, f. verse pro nounced on offering the Soma vessels called &open;prasthita;&close; -sthiti, f.setting out, depar ture; -stheya, fp. n. imps. one should set out or depart.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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