prastāvanā प्रस्तावना

Definition: प्रस्तावना 1 Causing to be praised or mentioned, praising, praise. -2 Beginning, commencement; आर्य बालचरितप्रस्तावनाडिण्डिमः Mv.1.54. -3 An introduction, preface, exordium (in general); प्रस्तावना इयं कपटनाटकस्य Māl.2. -4 Sounding forth. -5 An introductory dialogue (the prologue) at the beginning of a drama between the manager and one of the actors, which, after giving an account of the author and his qualifications &c., introduces the audience to the incidents of the drama; (for definition, see आमुख).

Dictionary: Apte
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