prastāvaḥ प्रस्तावः

Definition: प्रस्तावः 1 Beginning, commencement. -2 An introduction. -3 Mention, allusion, reference; नाममात्रप्रस्तावः Ś.7. -4 An occasion, opportunity, time, season; fit or proper time; त्वराप्रस्तावोयं न खलु परिहासस्य विषयः Māl.9. 45; शिष्याय बृहतां पत्युः प्रस्तावमदिशद् दृशा Śi.2.68. -5 The occasion of a discourse, subject, topic. -6 The prologue of a drama; see प्रस्तावना below. -7 The prelude or introductory words of a Sāman; लोकेषु पञ्चविधं सामोपासीत पृथिवी हिंकारो$ग्निः प्रस्तावः˚ Ch. Up.2.2.1. -8 An introductory praise. (प्रस्तावे ind. on a suitable occasion, seasonably. प्रस्तावेन 1 incidentally, occasionally. -2 suitably). -Comp. -यज्ञः a conversation in which each interlocutor takes a part. -सदृश a. suited to the occasion, appropriate.

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