prasad प्रसद्

Definition: P. -sīdati- (Epic also A1. te-), to fall into the power of (accusative) ; to settle down, grow clear and bright, become placid or tranquil (as the sea or sky, met. applied to the mind) etc. ; to become clear or distinct ; to become satisfied or pleased or glad, be gracious or kind (with genitive case"to favour";with infinitive mood"to deign to"; imperative often "be so gracious, please") etc. ; to be successful (as an action) : Causal -sādayati- (mc. also te-; Passive voice -sādyate-), to make clear, purify ; to make serene, gladden (the heart) ; to render calm, soothe, appease, propitiate, ask a person (accusative) to or for (infinitive mood dative case locative case, arthe-with genitive case,or artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound')