prapañcaḥ प्रपञ्चः

Definition: प्रपञ्चः 1 Display, manifestation; रागप्रायः प्रपञ्चः K.151. -2 Development, expansion, extension; भरतज्ञकविप्रणीत- काव्यग्रथिताङ्का इव नाटकप्रपञ्चाः Śi.2.44. -3 Amplification, expatiation, explanation, elucidation. -4 Prolixity, diffuseness, copiousness; अलं प्रपञ्चेन. -5 Manifoldness, diversity. -6 Heap, abundance, quantity. -7 An appearance, phenomenon. -8 Illusion, fraud. -9 The visible world or universe, which is illusory and the scene of manifold action. -1 Reciprocal false praise. -11 Opposition, inversion. -12 Analysis. -13 (In dram.) Ludicrous dialogue. -14 (In gram.) The repetition of an obscure rule in a clearer form. -Comp. -चतुर a. skilful in assuming different forms; Amaru. -बुद्धि a. cunning, deceitful. -वचनम् a prolix discourse, diffuse talk.

Dictionary: Apte
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