pramukti प्रमुक्ति

Definition: f. liberation; -mukha, a. having the face turned towards (ac.); foremost, first, chief, principal: gnly. --°ree;, having as the foremost=preceded or led by, and so forth; n. beginning (of a chapter); present time: lc. in front, opposite (w. g. or --°ree;): °ree;--, before one's face, in one's presence; -tas, ad. in front, at the head; opposite; in the presence of, before (g. or --°ree;); -múd, f. pleasure, de light; joy of love; -mudita, pp. √ mud; n. mirth, gaiety: -vat, act. pp. (he) rejoiced.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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