pramī प्रमी

Definition: P. -mināti- (-mīṇāti- ; -miṇoti- ;Ved. infinitive mood -m/iyam-, -m/iye-and -metos- see below) , to frustrate, annul, destroy, annihilate ; to change, alter ; to neglect, transgress, infringe ; to miss, lose (one's way or time), forget ; to cause to disappear, put out of sight ; to leave behind, outstrip, surmount, surpass : (A1.or Passive voice -mīyate- Aorist subjunctive -meṣṭhāḥ-) to come to naught, perish, die etc. etc.: Causal -māpayati-, to destroy, annihilate, kill, slay etc. ; to cause to kill

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 8-4 , 15, BhP., RV., AV., BhP., RV., ib., ib., S3Br., RV., ib., Bhat2t2., AV., Nir., Mn., Ya1jn5., Ya1jn5.
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