prakrama प्रक्रम

Definition: the place of articulation, the place of the production of sound, such as throat, chest, palate and the like; cf. प्रक्रम्यन्ते अस्मिन्वर्णा इति प्रक्रमः स्थानमुच्यते M. Bh. Pradipa on सिद्धं तु समानप्रक्रमवचनात् P.I.2.30 Vart.2; (2) recital of Veda, described as क्रमपाठ cf. उभयथा च प्रक्रमे दोषो भवति M.Bh.on P. VIII. 4.28 cf. also"अष्टसु प्रक्रमेषु दोषो भवति"quoted in the Mahabhasya on P.VI. 1.172; (3) regularity in the position of words, regular order of words.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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