prakampa प्रकम्प

Definition: depression of the voice after raising it as noticed in connection with the utterance of the svarita vowels in certain cases and in certain Vedic schools with a view to show the svarita nature of the vowel distinctly, in spite of the fact that such a depression is generally looked upon as a.fault; cf. असन्दिग्धान् स्वरान् ब्रूयादविकृष्टानकाम्पितान् R. Pr. III.18 as also जात्योभिानिहितश्चैव क्षैप्रः प्रश्लिष्ट एव च । एते स्वराः प्रकम्पन्ते यत्रोच्चस्वरितोदयाः R. Pr. III. 19.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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