prakīrṇaka प्रकीर्णक

Definition: प्रकीर्णक a. Scattered or strewn about &c. -कः, -कम् 1 A chowrie, fly-flap (चामर); Śi.12.17; प्रकीर्णकं पार्श्वंग- पाणिकम्पितम् Śāhendra.3.14; विप्रकीर्णं क्वचिच्छस्त्रं प्रकीर्णकमपि क्वचित् Śiva B.21.53;22.6. -2 A tuft of hair used as an ornament for horses. -कः A horse. -कम् 1 A miscellany, any collection of miscellaneous things. -2 A miscellaneous chapter. -3 A section, chapter or division of a book. -4 A case not provided by the Śāstras and to be decided by the judge or king. -5 Extent, length (of a book &c.).

Dictionary: Apte
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