prakṛti प्रकृति

Definition: f. the various sovereigns to be considered in case of war (viz. the madhyama-, vijigīṣu-, udāsīna-and śatru-;to which should be added 8 remoter princes, viz. the mitra-, arimitra-, mitra-mitra-, arimitra-mitra-, pārṣṇi-graha-, ākranda-, pārṣṇigrāhāsāra-, ākrandāsāsa-;each of these 12 kings has 5 prakṛti-s in the form of minister, territory, fortresses, treasure and army, so that the total number of prakṛti-s may be 72)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Mn. vii , 155 ; 157, Kull.
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