prakḷp प्रकॢप्

Definition: A1. -kalpate- (rarely P. ti-), to prosper, succeed ; to be fit or suitable (with infinitive mood) : Causal -kalpayati-, to place in front, put at the head, honour ; to put down on (locative case) ; to appoint or elect to, select for (locative case) ; to put in the place of (genitive case) ; to contrive, invent, devise, prepare, provide etc. ; to fix, settle, determine ; to prescribe ; to make out, ascertain, calculate ; to make into, choose for (2 accusative or accusative and locative case) ; to suppose, imagine (with accusative and locative case)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV., Ka1tyS3r. Sch., AV., S3Br., MBh., ib., BhP., Pat., Mn., MBh., Mn., Ya1jn5., Car., Var., BhP., MBh.
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