prakṛ प्रकृ

Definition: P. A1. -karoti-, -kurute-, -kṛṇoti-, ṇute- etc., to make, produce, accomplish, perform, achieve, effect etc. ; to make into, render (with double accusative) etc. ; (with dārān-) to take to wife, marry ; to appoint, charge with (locative case) ; to enable to, make fit for (infinitive mood) ; to remove, destroy, kill ; (only ) to violate, pollute (a girl) ; (A1.) to induce, move, incline ; to make a person perform anything ; (with manas-,or buddhim-) to set the heart upon, make up the mind to (dative case or locative case), resolve, determine ; to gain, win, conquer ; to lay out, expend ; to put forward, mention first, make the subject of discussion ; to serve, honour, worship : Causal -kārayati-, to cause to be made or prepared