prajan प्रजन्

Definition: A1. -jāyate- (Epic also P. ti-), to be born or produced, spring up from (ablative) be begotten (by [ instrumental case or ablative ];from[ ablative ];or with [ locative case ];in [ locative case or adhi-]) etc. ; to become an embryo ; to be born again ; to propagate offspring with or by (instrumental case) ; to bring forth, generate, bear, procreate (accusative) ; beget on (locative case or instrumental case) ; to cause to be reproduced : Causal -janayati-, to cause any one (accusative) to propagate offspring (instrumental case) ; to beget, procreate (Aorist prajanayām akaḥ-; see ) ; to cause to be reproduced : Desiderative -jijaniṣate-, to wish to be born : Desiderative of Causal -jijanayiṣati-, to wish to cause to be conceived or born