prahṛ प्रहृ

Definition: P. A1. -harati-, te-, to offer (especially praise, 1. sg. proper -harmi-). ; to thrust or move forward, stretch out ; to put into, fix in (locative case) ; to hurl, throw, discharge at (locative case). etc. ; to throw or turn out ; to throw (into the fire) ; to strike, hit, hurt, attack, assail (with accusative locative case dative case or genitive case; A1.also, "to fight with each other") etc.: Causal A1. -harayate-, to stir up, excite, rouse : Desiderative -jihīrṣati-, to wish to take away, ; to wish to throw ; to wish to strike or assail (see jihīrṣu-,p.659) .

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. i , 61 , 1, RV., TS., S3Br., RV., AV., S3a1n3khS3r., Br., Ka1tyS3r., AV., Mn., MBh., RV. iv , 37 , 2, MBh., S3Br., MBh., Das3.
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