prach प्रछ्

Definition: cl.6 P. (), pṛcchati- (Ved. and Epic also A1. pṛcchate-; perfect tense papraccha- etc., papṛkṣ/e-[?] ; Aorist /aprākṣīt- etc., /aprāṭ- , apraṣṭa- ; future prakṣyati- etc., praṣṭā- grammar; ind.p. pṛṣṭvā-, -pṛcchya- ; infinitive mood pr/aṣṭum- etc., -p/ṛccham-, cche- ), to ask, question, interrogate (accusative) ; to ask after inquire about (accusative) ; to ask or interrogate any one (accusative) about anything (accusative dative case locative case, prati-,or adhikṛtya-with accusative; arthe-or hetoḥ- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') (pr.p. A1. pṛcchamāna-,"asking one's self") etc. etc. ; (in astrology) to consult the future ; (with nāmato mātaram-) to inquire about one's (genitive case) mother's name ; (with na-) not to trouble one's self with ; to seek, wish, long for ; to ask, demand, beg, entreat (accusative) : Passive voice pṛcchy/ate-, to be asked or questioned about (act. dative case etc., as above ) etc. etc.: Causal pracchayati- (Aorist apapracchat-) grammar : Desiderative pipṛcchiṣati- : Intensive parīpṛcchyate- [Orig. pṛk-; confer, compare Latin preces,procus;poscereforporscere; Slavonic or Slavonian prositi; Lithuanian praszy4ti; German fra7he7n,fragen;forsko7n,forschen.]