praṇihita प्रणिहित

Definition: प्रणिहित p. p. 1 Laid on, applied. -2 Deposited. -3 Outstretched, stretched forth; मामाकाशप्रणिहितभुजं निर्दयाश्लेषहेतोः Me.18. -4 Consigned, delivered, entrusted. -5 Having the attention fixed upon one object, with the mind concentrated, intent; ऋजुः प्रणिहितो गच्छंस्त्रसस्थावर-वर्जकः Mb.12.9.19. -6 Determined, decided. -7 Cautious, wary. -8 Obtained, attained. -9 Spied out. -1 Acknowledged, admitted, stated; सम्यक् प्रणिहितं चार्थं पृष्टः सन्नाभिनन्दति Ms.8.54. -11 Applied, directed; प्रियायास्मै धाम्ने प्रणिहितनमस्यो$स्मि भवते Mahimna.28 (v. l.).

Dictionary: Apte
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