pitrya पित्र्य

Definition: पित्र्य a. [पितुरिदं प्रियं वा पितृत आगतं वा यत्] 1 Paternal, patrimonial, ancestral. -2 (a) Relating or sacred to the deceased ancestors; Ms.2.58. (b) Obsequial. -त्र्यः 1 the eldest brother. -2 The month of Māgha. -त्र्या 1 The constellation called Maghā. -2 The day of full as well as new moon. -त्र्यम् 1 The lunar mansion called Maghā. -2 The part of the hand between the fore-finger and the thumb (sacred to the Manes). -3 The Śrāddha ritual (श्राद्धकल्प); Ch. Up.7.1.2. -4 The nature of a father.

Dictionary: Apte
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