pit पित्

Definition: marked with the mute letter प् which is indicative of a grave accent in the case of affixes marked with it, as for example, the affixes तिप्, सिप् and मिप्; cf. अनुदात्तौ सुप्पितौ P. III. 1.4. A Sarvadhātuka affix, marked with the mute consonant प्, in Pāņiņi's Grammar has been described as instrumental in causing many operations such as (a) the substitution of guņa; (cf P. VII. 3 84,9l). (b) the prevention of guņa in the case of a reduplicative syllable as also in the case of the roots भू and सू (cf. P. VII. 3.87, 88); (c) the substitution of Vŗddhi, (cf. P. VII. 3.89, 90), (d) the augments इ and ई in the case of the roots तृह् and ब्रू respectively (cf. P. VII. 3.92, 93, 94), and (e) acute accent for the vowel preceding the affix in the case of the roots भी, हृी, भृ and others (cf. P. VI. 1.192). A short vowel (of a root) gets त् added to it when followed by a kŗt affix marked with प्: e.g., विजित्य​, प्रकृत्य, etc.:(cf. P. VI. 1.71).

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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