pippalaḥ पिप्पलः

Definition: पिप्पलः 1 The holy fig-tree (Mar. पिंपळ); Y.1.32. -2 A nipple. -3 The sleeve of a jacket or coat. -4 A bird kept free (not confined in a cage). -लम् 1 A berry in general. -2 A berry of the holy fig-tree. -3 Sensual enjoyment; Bhāg.3.4.8. -4 Water. -5 The effect arising from acts (कर्मजन्यफल); Muṇḍa.3.1.1; एकस्तयोः खादति पिप्पलान्नमन्यो निरन्नो$पि बलेन भूयान् Bhāg.11. 11.6. -Comp. -अद, -अशन a. 1 eating the fruit of the Pippala tree. -2 given to sensual pleasures.

Dictionary: Apte
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