phalakam फलकम्

Definition: फलकम् 1 A board, plank, slab, tablet; कालः काल्या भुवनफलके क्रीडति प्राणिशारैः Bh.3.39; द्यूत˚, चित्र˚ &c. -2 Any flat surface; चुम्ब्यमानकपोलफलकाम् K.218; धृत- मुग्धगण्डफलकैर्विबभुः Śi.9.47,37; cf. तट. -3 A shield; Rām.1. -4 A slab, tablet, leaf or page for writing upon. -5 The buttocks, hips. -6 The palm of the hand. -7 Fruit, result, consequence. -8 Profit, gain. -9 Menstruation. -1 The head of an arrow. -11 The pericarp of a lotus. -12 A broad and flat bone (of the forehead). -13 A wooden seat; तवार्हते तु फलकं कूर्चं वा$प्यथवा बृसी Mb.5.35.15. -14 Bark (as material for clothes). -Comp. -परिधानम् putting on a bark-garment. -पुरम् Name of a town in the east of India; P. VI.2.11; cf. फलपुर. -पाणि a. armed with a shield (as a warrior). -यन्त्रम् an astronomical instrument invented by Bhāskarāchārya. -सक्थ a. having a thigh as broad as a board.

Dictionary: Apte
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