pavitra पवित्र

Definition: पवित्र a. [पू-करणे इत्र] 1 Sacred, holy, sinless, sanctified (persons or things); त्रीणि श्राद्धे पवित्राणि दौहित्रः कुतपस्तिलाः Ms.3.235; पवित्रो नरः, पवित्रं स्थानम् &c. -2 Purified by the performance of ceremonial acts (such as sacrifices &c.). -4 Purifying, removing sin. -त्रम् 1 An instrument for cleansing or purifying, such as a sieve or strainer &c. -2 Two blades of Kuśa grass used at sacrifices in purifying and sprinkling ghee; N.17.188. -3 A ring of Kuśa grass worn on the fourth finger on certain religious occasions; धौताङ्घ्रिपाणिराचम्य सपवित्र उदङ्मुखः Bhāg.6.8.4. -4 The sacred thread worn by members of the first three castes of the Hindus. -5 Copper. -6 Rain. -7 Water. -8 Rubbing, cleansing. -9 A vessel in which the arghya is presented. -1 Clarified butter. -11 Honey. -12 A purifying prayer. -13 Ameans of purifying the mind. -14 A cloth for straining Soma juice; वायुः पूतः पवित्रेण प्रत्यङ् सोमो$तिद्रुतः Ts.1. 8.21. -त्रा 1 The holy basil. -2 Turmeric (पवित्रीकृ 'to purify, sanctify'; पवित्रीभू 'to become pure or holy'). -Comp. -आरोपणम्, आरोहणम् investiture with the sacred thread. -धान्यम् barley. -पाणि a. holding Darbha grass in the hand.

Dictionary: Apte
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