paura पौर

Definition: पौर a. (-री f.) [पुरे वसति शैषिको अण्] 1 Relating to a city or town, produced in a town, civic. -2 Ved. Filling one's own belly. -रः 1 A townsman, citizen, (opp. जानपद); Ku.6.41; R.2.1,74;12.3;16.9. -2 A term applied to a prince engaged in war under particular circumstances. -3 A planet in a state of opposition to other planets. -री The language of the servants in a palace. -रम् A sort of grass (रोहिष). -Comp. -अङ्ना, -योषित् f., -स्त्री a woman living in a town; विद्युद्दामस्फुरितचकितैर्यत्र पौराङ्गनानां लोलापाङ्गैर्यदि न रमसे लोचनैर्वञ्चितो$सि Me.27. -कार्यम् public business; अर्थजातस्य गणनाबहुलतयैकमेव पौरकार्यमवेक्षितम् Ś.6. -जनः, -लोकः 1 a citizen. -2 citizens, burghers. -जानपद a. belonging to town and country. -दाः (pl.) citizens and rustics, townsmen and country people; कथं दुर्जनाः पौरजानपदाः U.1. -वृद्धः an eminent citizen, an elder man. -सख्यम् fellow-citizenship; दशाब्दाख्यं पौरसख्यम् Ms.2.134.

Dictionary: Apte
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