pattra पत्त्र

Definition: n. wing; feather (also of an arrow); vehicle (car, horse, or camel); (plum age of a tree), leaf, petal; leaf prepared for writing on (-m âropaya=put on paper); letter, document; foil of metal;ornamental leaf painted with (--°ree;): -ka(ikâ)=pattra --°ree; a.; -kkhedya, a. having its feathers plucked out; n. a kind of artistic skill (?); -pati, m. ep. of Garuda; -puta, m. n.: i-kâ, f. leaf rolled up into a funnel-shape;-bha&ndot;ga, m. streaks painted with musk and other frag rant substances on the face or parts of the body; -ratha, m. (riding on wings), bird: -½indra, m. lord of birds, ep. of Garuda: -ketu, m. having Garuda as his badge, Vishnu; -rekhâ, f.=-bha&ndot;ga; -latâ, f. id.; N.; -le khâ, f. id.; N.; -vâha, m. (borne on wings), bird; arrow; -viseshaka, m. (?) leaf-like painted mark; -veshta, m. kind of earring; -sâka, n. vegetable with leaves;-½âlî, f.= -bha&ndot;ga; -½âhâra, m. pl. feeding on leaves.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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