pattiḥ पत्तिः

Definition: पत्तिः [पद्-तिन्] 1 A footman, a foot-soldier; पत्तिः पदातिम् (अभ्यपतत्) R.7.37; Ve.1.27. -2 A pedestrian. -3 A hero. -f. 1 The smallest division of an army, consisting of one chariot, one elephant, three horsemen and five foot-soldiers; एको रथो गजश्चैको नराः पञ्च पदातयः । त्रयश्च तुरगास्तज्ज्ञैः पत्तिरित्यभिधीयते ॥ Mb.1.2. 19. -2 Going, walking. -Comp. -अध्यक्षः the superintendent of infantry; Kau. A.1.1.1. -कायः infantry. -गणकः an officer whose business it is to muster the infantry. -संहतिः f. a body of infantry, infantry.

Dictionary: Apte
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