patanam पतनम्

Definition: पतनम् [पत्-भावे ल्युट्] 1 The act of flying or coming down, alighting, descending, throwing oneself down at. -2 Setting (as of the sun). -3 Going down to hell; निरये चैव पतनम् Ms.6.61. -4 Apostacy. -5 Falling from dignity, virtue &c. अनिग्रहाच्चेन्द्रियाणां नरः पतन- मृच्छति Y.3.219. -6 Fall, decline, ruin, adversity (opp. उदय or उच्छ्राय); ग्रहाधीना नरेन्द्राणामुच्छ्रायाः पतनानि च Y.1.38. -7 Death. -8 Hanging down, becoming flaccid (as breasts). -9 Miscarriage. -1 (In arith.) Subtraction. -11 The latitude of a planet. -Comp. -धर्मिन् a. subject to the law of decay, perishable. -शील a. accustomed to fall down.

Dictionary: Apte
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