pat पत्

Definition: cl.1 P. () p/atati- (Epic also te-; perfect tense papāta-, paptim/a-, pet/atur-, papt/ur-; paptiv/as- ; papatyāt- ; Aorist apaptat- ; Passive voice apāti- ; future patiṣ-y/ati- ; te-, patitā- ; Conditional apatiṣyat- ; infinitive mood patitum- etc.; ind.p. patitv/ā- ; -p/atya-or -p/ātam- ), to fly, soar, rush on etc. ; to fall down or off, alight, descend (with accusative or locative case), fall or sink (with or without adhas-or narake-,"to go down to hell";with caraṇau-or ṇayoḥ-,"to fall at a person's feet") etc. ; to fall (in a moral sense), lose caste or rank or position etc. ; to light or fall upon, fall to a person's share (locative case) etc. ; to fall or get into or among (locative case) ; to occur, come to pass, happen : Causal pat/ayati-, to fly or move rapidly along ; to speed (trans.; confer, compare patay/at-) ; te-, to drive away or throw down (?) ; pāt/ayati- (Epic also te-; Aorist apīpatat- ; Passive voice pātyate- etc.) , to let fly or cause to fall, to fling, hurl, throw etc. ; to lay low, bring down (literally and figuratively), overthrow, ruin, destroy etc. to throw upon or in, lay on (locative case) ; (with or scilicet ātmānam-) to throw one's self ; to cut off (a head) ; to knock out (teeth) ; to pour out or shed (water, tears) ; to kindle (fire) ; to cast (dice) ; to turn, direct, fix (eyes) ; to impose or inflict (punishment) ; to set in motion, set on foot ; to seduce to, betray into (locative case) ; (with dvedhā-) to divide in two ; to subtract ; (A1.) to rush on, hasten : Desiderative pipatiṣati- ( ) and pitsati- () , to be about to fly or fall: Intensive panīpatyate- or pātīti- [ confer, compare Zend pat; Greek , ; Latin peto.]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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