parvata पर्वत

Definition: a. consisting of knots or ragged masses (with ádri or girí); m. moun tain, hill; rock, boulder; cloud; Name of a Rishi and of a minister of Purûravas: -ka, m. N.; -kandara, n. mountain-cave; -dur ga, n. impenetrable mountain; -râg: -a, m. king of mountains, ep. of the Himâlaya; -si khara, m. n. hill-top, mountain-peak; -sre shtha, spv. best of mountains; -½agra, n. id.; î-kri, turn into a mountain; &isharp;-ya, a.belong ing to mountains; -½îsvara, m. N.; -½upa-tyakâ, f. mountain-lowland, land at the foot of a mountain-range.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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