parvataḥ पर्वतः

Definition: पर्वतः [पर्व्-अतच्; पर्वाणि भागाः सन्त्यस्य वा; cf. P.V.2.122 Vārt.] 1 A mountain, hill; परगुणपरमाणून् पर्वतीकृत्य नित्यम् Bh.2.78; न पर्वताग्रे नलिनी प्ररोहति Mk.4.17. -2 A rock. -3 An artificial mountain or heap. -4 The number 'seven'. -5 A tree. -6 A kind of vegetable. -7 A cloud (mountain-like) -8 Name of a Ṛiṣi (associated with Nārada). -Comp. -अरिः an epithet of Indra. -आत्मजः an epithet of the mountain Maināka. -आत्मजा an epithet of Pārvatī. -आधारा the earth. -आशयः a cloud. -आश्रयः a fabulous animal called Śarabha, q. v. -आश्रयिन् m., -आश्रयः a mountaineer. -उपत्यका a land at the foot of a mountain. -कन्दरः a mountain-cave. -काकः a raven. -कीला the earth. -जा a river. -पतिः an epithet of the Himālaya mountain. -मोचा a kind of plantain. -राज् m., -राजः 1 a large mountain. -2 'the lord of mountains', the Himālaya mountain. -रोधस् n. mountain-slope. -वासिन् a. living in mountains. (-m.) a mountaineer. (-नी) 1 Name of Durgā. -2 of Gāyatrī. -3 Name of a plant, nard (Mar. आकाशमांसी). -स्थ a. situated on a hill or mountain.

Dictionary: Apte
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