parvan पर्वन्

Definition: पर्वन् n. [पॄ-वनिप् Uṇ.4.112.] पर्व स्यादुत्सवे ग्रन्थौ प्रस्तावे लक्षणान्तरे' इति विश्वः. 1 A knot, joint; मासाश्चार्धमासाश्च पर्वाणि; Bṛi. Up.1.1.1. (Sometimes changed to पर्व at the end of Bah. comp.; as in कर्कशाङ्गुलिपर्वया R.12.41.) सो$हं दुर्मायिनस्ते$द्य वज्रेण शतपर्वणा, शिरो हरिष्ये Bhāg.8.11.6; सतामिवापर्वणि मार्गणानाम् Ki.17.29. -2 A limb, member, joint of the body, knuckle. -3 A portion, part, division; ससर्ज च्छायया विद्यां पञ्चपर्वाणमग्रतः Bhāg.3.2.18. -4 A book, section (as of the Mahābhārata). -5 The step of a staircase; दिने दिने शैवलवन्त्यधस्तात् सोपानपर्वाणि विमुञ्चदम्भः R.16.46. -6 A period, fixed time. -7 Particularly, the days of the four changes of the moon; i. e. the eighth and fourteenth day of each half month and the days of the full and new moon. -8 A sacrifice performed on the occasion of a change of the moon; पर्वणि न विचिन्वेत् (तुलसीम्) Tulasī. Up. -9 The day of new or full moon, the day of opposition or conjunction; अपर्वणि ग्रहकलुषेन्दुमण्डला विभावरी कथय कथं भविष्यति M.4.15; R.7.33; Ms.4.15; Bh.2.34. -1 An eclipse of the sun or moon; भ्रातः पर्वणि पश्य दानवपतिः शीर्षावशेषी कृतः Bh. -11 A festival, holiday, an occasion of joy; स्वलंकृतौ बालगजौ पर्वणीव सितेतरौ (कृष्णरामौ) Bhāg.1.41.41. -12 An opportunity or occasion in general. -13 A particular period of the year (as the equinox, solstice). -14 The moment of the sun's entering a new sign. -15 A moment, instant. -Comp. -आस्फोटः cracking the fingers (regarded as indecorus). -कारः One wearing different dresses (वेषान्तरधारी); Mb.13.9.9. -कालः 1 a periodic change of the moon. -2 the time at which the moon at its conjunction or opposition passes through the node; ˚राशिः time of festivals. -कारिन् m. a Brāhmaṇa who from motives of gain performs on common days ceremonies which ought to be performed on periodical occasions, such as अमावास्या &c. -गामिन् m. one who has sexual intercourse with his wife at particular times or occasions when such intercourse is prohibited by the Śāstras. -दक्षिणा the teacher's fee for teaching a particular portion of the Veda. -धिः the moon. -नाडी time of opposition or conjunction. -पूर्णता 1 preparations for a festival. -2 completion of a festival. -3 joining. -भागः the wrist; आपर्वभागोत्थितैः Ś.4.5. -भेदः voilent pain in the joints; Suśr. -मूलम् the time at which the fourteenth day passes into the fifteenth day of a fortnight. -योनिः a cane or reed. -रुह् m. a pomegranate tree. -वर्ज a. except the forbidden days of a month. -विपद् The moon. -संधिः 1 the junction of the fifteenth and first of a lunar fortnight, the full and change of the moon, or the exact moment of the full and change of the moon; जुषन्ते पर्वतश्रेष्ठमृषयः पर्वसंधिषु Mb.3.159.16. -2 a finger-joint.

Dictionary: Apte
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