atyanta अत्यन्त

Definition: अत्यन्त a. [अतिक्रान्तः अन्तं सीमां नाशम्] 1 Excessive, much, very great or strong; ˚वैरम् great enmity; ˚मैत्री; ˚हिमोत्किरानिलाः Ku.5.26. -2 Complete, perfect, absolute; ˚अभावः absolute non-existence; See below. -3 Endless, perpetual, permanent, everlasting, uninterrupted, unbroken; किं वा तवात्यन्तवियोग- मोघे हतजीविते R.14.65; भवत्यजरमत्यन्तम् Pt.1.151; यो बन्धनवधक्लेशान् प्राणिनां न चिकीर्षति । स सर्वस्य हितप्रेप्सुः सुखम- त्यन्तमश्नुते ॥ Ms.5.46; Bg.6.28; कस्यात्यन्तं सुखमुपनतम् Me.111. नायमत्यन्तसंवासो लभ्यते येन केनचित् H.4.73. -तम् ind. 1 Exceedingly, excessively, very much, to the highest degree; स्थायीभवति चात्यन्तं रङ्गः शुक्लपटे यथा Pt.1.33; स्तनंधयो$त्यन्तशिशुः स्तनादिव Mu.4.14. very young. -2 For ever, to the end (of life), through life; अत्यन्तमात्मसटृशेक्षणवल्लभाभिराहो निवत्स्यति Ś1.26 For all time, in perpetuity; सा चात्यन्तमदर्शनं नयनयोर्याताV.4.9; oft. in comp.; ˚गता See below; प्रियमत्यन्त- विलुप्तदर्शनम् Ku.4.2. For ever lost to view; R.14.3; -3 Absolutely, perfectly, completely. -Comp. -अपह्नवः A flat, categorical or total denial; a denial nipping the accusation in the bud (P. वार्त्तिक III.2.115.). -अभावः absolute or complete nonexistence, absolute non-entity, a thing which does not exist at any one of the three periods of time, or does not exist for all time; त्रैकालिकसंसर्गावच्छिन्नप्रतियोगिकः (This is considered to be नित्य or eternal and different from the other kinds of अभाव). -ग a. going or walking too much or too fast. -गत a. gone or departed forever, gone never to return; कथमत्यन्तगता न मां दहेः R.8.56.2. always applicable, perfectly intimate or pertinent. -गति f. 1 sense of 'completely'; अनत्यन्तगतौ क्तात् P.V. 4.4. completion, accomplishment. -गामिन् a. 1 going or walking very much, going too fast or quickly. -2 excessive, much. -निवृत्तिः f. complete disappearance, absolute cessation. -वासिन् m. [वस्-णिनि] one who constantly stays with his preceptor, as a student. -सहचरित a. going together invariably (P. वार्त्तिक VIII.1. 15.) -संयोगः 1 close proximity, uninterrupted continuity; कालाध्वनोरत्यन्तसंयोगे P.II.1.29. -2 Inseparable co-existence. -संपर्कः excessive sexual intercourse. -सुकुमार a. very tender. (-रः) a kind of grain.

Dictionary: Apte
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