parivedanam परिवेदनम्

Definition: परिवेदनम् 1 The marriage of a younger brother before the elder; Ms.11.6. -2 Marriage in general. -3 Complete or accurate knowledge. -4 Gain, acquisition. -5 Maintaining the household fire (अग्न्याधान). -6 Pervasion on all sides, universal pervasion or existence. -7 Discussion. -8 Misery, pain. -ना 1 Shrewdness, wit. -2 Prudence, foresight.परिवेदनीया parivēdanīyā परिवेदिनी parivēdinīपरिवेदनीया परिवेदिनी The wife of a younger brother who is married before the elder.

Dictionary: Apte
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