parivatsara परिवत्सर

Definition: m. complete year; &isharp;-na, a. relating to a full year; -vargana, n. avoidance of, abstention from (g. or --°ree;): î-ya, fp. to be avoided; -varta, m. revolution; end of a period, esp. of a cycle (yuga); end; exchange, barter; change; moving to and fro, haste, bustle; abode, place; causing to come to an end: -ka, a. causing to flow back; -vártana, a. (î) causing to turn; n. turn ing; tossing or rolling about on (--°ree;); revo lution; periodic course; end of a period; exchange, barter; change; -vartanîya, fp. to be exchanged for (in.); -vartin, a. turn ing, revolving; winding; circling, under going perpetual cycles, ever renewing itself; turning into, being exchanged for (--°ree;); abid ing or being in, at, or near (lc., -tas, --°ree;); -vartula, a. quite round; -vardhaka, m. groom; -vardhana, n. augmentation, mul tiplication; -vardhita-ka, a.reared; -vas trâ, f. curtain; -vaha, m. one of the seven winds; one of the seven tongues of fire.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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