pariklṛp परिक्लृप्

Definition: परिक्लृप् 1 Ā. 1 To tend to. -2 To give, grant, vouchsafe; श्रेयसे शाश्वतो देवो वराहः परिकल्पताम् U.5.27 (v. l.). -3 To think. -Caus. 1 To decide, determine. -2 To fix upon, design, make or turn into; यं सर्वशैलाःः परिकल्प्य वत्सम् Ku.1.2. -3 To prepare, get ready. -4 To endow with; चित्रे निवेश्य परिकल्पितसत्त्वयोगा Ś.2.1. -5 To destine for. -6 To perform, effect, accomplish. -7 To contrive, invent, devise. -8 To distribute. -9 To invite. -1 To choose; अन्यत्र वासं परिकल्पयन्तु Bṛi. S.59.11.

Dictionary: Apte
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