parikarman परिकर्मन्

Definition: परिकर्मन् m. A servant. -n. 1 Painting or perfuming the body, personal decoration, dressing, toilet; कृताचारपरिकर्माणम् Ś.2. -2 Painting or dyeing the foot; असमाप्ते परिकर्मणि स्मृतः Ku.4.19. -3 Preparation. -4 Worship, adoration; अविक्लमस्ते परिकर्मणि स्थितः Bhāg. 2.9.29. -5 (In Yoga phil.) Purifying, a means of purifying the mind; मैञ्यादिचित्तपरिकर्मविदो विधाय क्लेशप्रहाण-मिह लब्धसबीजयोगाः Śi.4.55. (see Malli. thereon). -6 An arithmetical operation (of which there are 8 divisions). -Comp. -अष्टकम् the eight fundamental rules of arithmetic viz. (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, finding the square, extracting the square root, finding the cube, extracting the cube root).

Dictionary: Apte
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