parihṛ परिहृ

Definition: P. A1. -harati-, te- (future -hariṣyati- ; Aorist 3. plural -ahṛṣata- ; ind.p. -hṛtya- ; -h/āram- ), to move or carry or take round ; to put or wrap round (A1.round one's self) etc. ; to put aside, save for (dative case) ; to leave, quit, desert ; to defend or preserve from (ablative) ; to spare ; to shun, avoid, leave out, omit ; to save or spare anything (as trouble, care etc.) to (genitive case), ; to take away, remove, beware of or abstain from (accusative). ; (A1.) to keep away from id est neglect, not heed ; to answer, refute ; to put twice, repeat (in the krama-pāṭha-), ; to nourish, foster, cherish : Desiderative -jihīrṣati-, to wish to keep away or avoid or shun, remove or conceal (see -jihīrṣā-,p.594) .

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., RV., R., Var., Br., TS., Br., Gr2S3rS., AV., S3Br., S3is3., ChUp., VP., S3Br., Gobh., Ratna7v., MBh., VP., A1past., Pat., S3am2k., APra1t., Lalit., Gobh., R.
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