paricaya परिचय

Definition: m. 1. accumulation; 2. acquaintance, knowledge; intimacy; fami liarity with, practice of (in.±samam, g., lc., --°ree;); repetition or frequency of (--°ree;): -vat, a. well-known; -kara, m.companion; attendant, servant; -kárana, m. attendant; n. service; attendance on (--°ree;); -karanîya, fp. to be tended; applicable; -karitavya, fp. to be tended, served, or honoured; -karya, fp. to be tended or honoured:â, f. attendance, service, devotion, homage; -kâra-ka, m. as sistant, attendant, servant: ikâ, f. female attendant, waiting-maid; -kârana, n. at tendance; -kâr-in, a. attending on, doing homage to (--°ree;): (-i)-tâ, f. abst.n.; -kiti, f. acquaintance, intimacy with (--°ree;); -kintanî ya, fp. to be maturely considered; -kumb ana, n. passionate kissing.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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