paribhaya परिभय

Definition: m. apprehension, fear; -bhava, m. disrespect, contumely, insult, in jury, humiliation; disregard, contempt, for (g., lc., --°ree;), on the part of (in., ab., --°ree;): -pa da, -½âspada, n. object of contempt; -bhav ana, n. humiliation: î-ya, fp. who can be insulted or humiliated; to be humbled; -bhavin, a. insulting, despising, mocking (g.); -bhâva, m. disregard, contumely; -bhâvanâ, f. thought, reflexion; -bhâvin, a. slighting; mocking, baffling (--°ree;); -bhâvuka, a. sur passing (ac.); -bhâshana, n. conversation, chatter; reproof, reprimand: î-ya, fp. to be reproved; -bhâshâ, f. speech; censure, re proach, contumely; general rule or maxim; rule defining the application of (grammatical) sûtras; -bhâshin, a. speaking (--°ree;); -bh&usharp;, a. (with ac.) surrounding, encompassing; pervad ing; superior, guiding; (pári)-bhûti, f. su perior might (V.); disrespect, contumely, hu miliation (sts. pl.); -bhûshana, m. (sc. Samdhi) peace bought by the cession of all the revenues of a country; -bheda, m. injury; -bhoktri, m. enjoyer; one who lives on another, spunge; -bhoga, m. enjoyment; sexual intercourse; means of enjoyment or subsistence; -bhramsa, m. escape: -na, n. loss, of (ab.); -bhrama, m. digressions, irrelevant talk: -na, n. turn ing, revolution; going to and fro; circumfer ence; -bhrashta-sukha, a. whose joy has departed, joyless.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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