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Grammatical Sūtra: अश्नोतेश्च aśnoteśca
Individual Word Components: aśnoteḥ ca
Sūtra with anuvṛtti words: aśnoteḥ ca aṅgasya (6.4.1), abhyāsasya (7.4.58), liṭi (7.4.68), tasmāt (7.4.71), nuṭ (7.4.71)
Type of Rule: vidhi
Preceding adhikāra rule:7.3.10 (1uttarapadasya)


After the lengthened ((ā)) of the reduplicate of (()) (((ajhīti))), comes the augment ((naṭ)) (((n))) before the short ((a)) of the root in the Perfect. Source: Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.0

[The initial increment 1.1.46 nu̱Ṭ 71 is inserted at the head of the áṅga 6.4.1 of the verbal stem] - `reach, attain' (V 18) [after a substitute long vowel 69 has replaced 71 the initial short a(T) 70 of the reduplicated syllable 69 before 1.1.66 l-substitutes of lIṬ 68]. Source: From Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini In Roman Transliteration translated by Sumitra M. Katre, Copyright © 1987. Courtesy of the University of Texas Press.

Source:Srisa Chandra Vasu's Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini

Anuvṛtti: 7.4.58, 7.4.68, 7.4.71


Kāśikāvṛttī1: aśnoteśca dīrghībhūtādabhyāsāduttarasya nuḍāgamo bhavati. vyānaśe, vyānaśāte, vy   See More

Kāśikāvṛttī2: aśnoteś ca 7.4.72 aśnoteśca dīrghībhūtādabhyāsāduttarasya nuḍāgamo bhavati. v   See More

Nyāsa2: aśnoteśca. , 7.4.72 advihalārtho'yamārambhaḥ. "vyāna śe" iti. "   See More

Bālamanoramā1: aśnoteśca. `atra lopaḥṭa ityato abhyāsasyetyanuvartate, `tasmānnu';ḍiti ca.    See More

Bālamanoramā2: aśnoteśca , 7.4.72 aśnoteśca. "atra lopaḥṭa ityato abhyāsasyetyanuvartate,    See More

Tattvabodhinī1: aśnoteśca. `tasmānnuḍi'tyanuvartata ityāha–dīrghāditi. śnuvikaraṇanirdaḥ Sū #131   See More

Tattvabodhinī2: aśnoteśca 131, 7.4.72 aśnoteśca. "tasmānnuḍi"tyanuvartata itha--rg   See More

1.Source: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
2.Source: Sanskrit Documents


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