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Grammatical Sūtra: ययतोश्चातदर्थे yayatoścātadarthe
Individual Word Components: yayatoḥ ca atadarthe
Sūtra with anuvṛtti words: yayatoḥ ca atadarthe uttarapadasya (6.2.111), antaḥ (6.2.143), nañaḥ (6.2.155), guṇapratiṣedhe (6.2.155)
Type of Rule: vidhi
Preceding adhikāra rule:6.2.143 (1antaḥ)


The words formed with the Taddhita affixes ((ya)) and ((yat)) when not denoting 'useful tor that', have acute on the last syllable, after the particle ((nañ)) negativing the attribute. Source: Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.0

[The final syllable 143 of the last member of a compound 111 ending in 1.1.72 taddhitá 155 affixes 3.1.1] °-yá-, °-yàT-, not signifying `serve its purpose' (á-tad-arth-e) also (ca) [bears the udātta accent 64 when co-occurring after 1.1.67 the privative particle náÑ to negate these qualities 155]. Source: From Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini In Roman Transliteration translated by Sumitra M. Katre, Copyright © 1987. Courtesy of the University of Texas Press.

Source:Srisa Chandra Vasu's Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini

Anuvṛtti: 6.2.64, 6.2.111, 6.2.143, 6.2.155


Kāśikāvṛttī1: ya yatityetau yau taddhitāvatadarthe vartate tadantasya uttarapadasya naño guṇap   See More

Kāśikāvṛttī2: yayatoś ca atadarthe 6.2.156 ya yatityetau yau taddhitāvatadarthe vartate tadan   See More

Nyāsa2: yayatoścātadarthe. , 6.2.155 "pāśyā" iti. pratyayasvareṇāntottatvam(   See More

1.Source: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
2.Source: Sanskrit Documents


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