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Grammatical Sūtra: चार्थे द्वंद्वः cārthe dvaṃdvaḥ
Individual Word Components: cārthe dvandvaḥ
Sūtra with anuvṛtti words: cārthe dvandvaḥ ekā (1.4.1), saṃjñā (1.4.1), sup (2.1.2), samāsaḥ (2.1.3), vibhāṣā (2.1.11), anekam (2.2.24)
Type of Rule: vidhi
Preceding adhikāra rule:2.1.22 (1tatpuruṣaḥ)


Source:Laghusiddhānta kaumudī (Ballantyne)

When a set of several words ending with case-affixes stands in a relation expressible by 'and' the set is made into a compound; and the compound so formed is called Dvandva. Source: Aṣṭādhyāyī 2.0

[An unrestricted number (áneka) 24 of nominal padás 1.2 combine with (one another) 1.4] to form a Dvaṁdvá [compound 1.3] (and a part of the meaning is that expressed by) the particle [ca] `and'. Source: From Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini In Roman Transliteration translated by Sumitra M. Katre, Copyright © 1987. Courtesy of the University of Texas Press.

Source:Srisa Chandra Vasu's Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini

Anuvṛtti: 2.2.24


Kāśikāvṛttī1: anekam iti vartate. anekaṃ subantaṃ cārthe vartamānam samasyate, dvandvasaṃjñaśc   See More

Kāśikāvṛttī2: cārthe dvandvaḥ 2.2.29 anekam iti vartate. anekaṃ subantaṃ cārthe vartanam sa   See More

Nyāsa2: cārthe dvandvaḥ. , 2.2.29 kaḥ punarayaṃ cārtho nāmetyāha-- "samucca'nca   See More

Laghusiddhāntakaumudī1: anekaṃ subantaṃ cārthe vartamānaṃ vā samasyate sa dvandvaḥ. samuccayānvācayeta Sū #988   See More

Laghusiddhāntakaumudī2: cārthe dvandvaḥ 988, 2.2.29 anekaṃ subantaṃ cārthe vartamānaṃ vā samasyate sa dv   See More

Bālamanoramā1: atha dvandvasamāsanirūpaṇam. cārthe dvandvaḥ. `subāmantrite' ityataḥ `subi Sū #891   See More

Bālamanoramā2: cārthe dvandvaḥ 891, 2.2.29 atha dvandvasamāsanirūpaṇam. cārthe dvandvaḥ. "   See More

Tattvabodhinī1: cārthe dvandvaḥ. `anekamanyapadārthe'ityato'nekamityanuvartate, `subāmantr Sū #768   See More

Tattvabodhinī2: cārthe dvandvaḥ 768, 2.2.29 cārthe dvandvaḥ. "anekamanyapadārthe"ityat   See More

1.Source: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
2.Source: Sanskrit Documents


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