pakva पक्व

Definition: पक्व a. [पच्-क्त तस्य वः] 1 Cooked, roasted, boiled; as in पक्वान्न. -2 Digested. -3 Baked, burned, annealed (opp. आम); पक्वेष्टकानामाकर्षणम्, आमेष्टकानां छेदनम् Mk.3. 12/13. -14 Mature, ripe; पक्वबिम्बाधरोष्ठी Me.82; यथा फलानां पक्वानां नान्यत्र पतनाद् भयम् Subhāṣ. -5 Fully developed, come to perfection, perfect, matured as in पक्वधी; अग्नि- पक्वाशनो वा स्यात् कालपक्वभुगेव वा Ms.6.17. -6 Experienced, shrewd. -7 Ripe (as a boil), ready to suppurate. -8 Grey (as hair). -9 Perished, decaying, on the eve of destruction, ripe to meet one's doom; 'पक्वं परिणते$पि स्याद्विनाशाभिमुखे त्रिषु' Medinī; पक्वापक्वेति सुभृशं वावाश्यन्ते वयांसिच Mb.6.3.44. -क्वम् 1 Cooked food. -2 Ripe corn. -3 The ashes of a burnt corpse. -Comp. -अतिसारः chronic dysentery. -अन्नम् cooked or dressed food. -आधानम्, आशयः the stomach, abdomen. -इष्टका a baked brick. -इष्टकाचितम् a building constructed with baked bricks. -कषाय a. whose passion has become extinguished. -कृत् a. 1 cooking; -2 maturing. (-m.) the Nimba tree. -कश a. grey-haired. -गात्र a. having a decrepit or infirm body. -रसः wine or any spirituous liquor. -वारि n. the water of boiled rice (काञ्जिक), sour rice-gruel.

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