padamañjarī पदमञ्जरी

Definition: the learned commentary by Haradatta on the काशिकावृत्ति. Haradatta was a very learned grammarian of the Southern School, and the Benares School of Grammarians follow पदमञ्जरी more than the equally learned another commentary काशिकाविवरणपञ्जिका or न्यास. In the Padamanjarī Haradatta is said to have given everything of importance from the Mahābhāșya; cf. अधीते हि महाभाष्ये व्यर्था सा पदमञ्जरी. For details see Mahābhāșya D. E. S. Ed. Vol. VII P. 390-391.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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