pañcanakha पञ्चनख

Definition: a. having five claws; m. beast with five claws; -nada, n. land of the five rivers, Panjâb; m. pl. inhabitants of the Panjâb; sg. Name of a river; -padî, a. f. having (taken) five steps; f. five steps; the five strong cases; -na dîyate, does not accompany him even five steps; -pala, a. weighing five palas: î, f. weight of five palas; -purânîya, a. worth five purânas (a coin); -pushpa maya, a. (î) consisting of five flowers; -phut- tika, a. weaving five phuttikas in a day; m. N.; -bandha, m. fifth part of the value of a thing; -bâna, m. the five-arrowed god, Kâma; -bindu-prasrita, n. kind of figure in dancing.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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